Hawaii’s Coffee Farms and Kauai Helicopter Tours!

why you should visit kona coffee farms

Nothing can be better than a freshly brewed hot cup of coffee. This can make your day instantly. Surely, the coffee lovers will understand this feeling. If you love coffee and want to witness the harvest and process of the coffee once in the most authentic way then you should visit Hawaii. This place is a must visit for any ardent coffee lovers. So, if you are planning for your next vacation then make sure you visit the Hawaii’s coffee farms. This is an ideal place where you can learn something, enjoy the coffee and also relax in the beautiful island. You can even save on your trip with a promo code for expedia.com, there are always deals on flights and hotels!

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Coffee Production in Hawaii

Hawaii is the only state in the United States of America or USA which is able to grow coffee plants on a commercial basis. The Kona region in Hawaii has the soil and perfect climatic conditions that are ideal for the growth of coffee. That is why, Kona coffee has become the market name for the coffees cultivated on the slopes of the North and South Kona Districts in Hawaii. This is one of the most expensive coffees all over the world. There were also many places like Maui where coffee plants used to grow in large areas. But later they were replaced by the sugarcane and other crops. There were also many islands where the coffee plants were affected by the Scale insects. Only the slopes of Kona region where sugarcane cultivation was not possible, became the center of the coffee industry in Hawaii.

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The Coffee Roasting Smell

When you will drive along the west coast of the Big Island, you cannot simply resist smelling the coffee roasting. The Kona coast takes pride in the production and processing of these coffee beans. You can visit the Kona Coffee Farm in Hawaii and get to see how the coffee is grown and then harvested as well as processed. The smell of the coffee is too mesmerizing and relaxing. How can you miss this experience when you are in Hawaii? Also, have you ever got a chance to sip a freshly brewed hot cup of coffee? If not then you must go and visit this place. You will be able to taste a sample of hot cup of fresh brew of coffee right from that farm. It tastes amazing and simply out of the world. The coffee lovers will have this dream for long probably and now it is the time to make it come true.

Visit The Hawaii’s Coffee Farms

The most famous and reputed coffee farm in Hawaii Island is the Kona Coffee Farm. It has more than 700 coffee estate and commercial plantations in North and South Kona region. In order to get the best experience of coffee farms in Hawaii you need to stay in Kona as this is the only place where true Kona coffees are grown. Here are some of the farms that you can visit to get the authentic Kona coffee taste and experience:

1. Kona Historical Society:

This is a living history farm of coffee in Hawaii. It covers an area of 5.5 acre where you can experience the Kona coffee production. This farm was first established in 1900. This farm was owned by Daisaku Uchida. Here you can have a self-guided tour through the coffee orchard, coffee mill as well as the coffee farmhouse. This place is really nice and beautiful. You will thoroughly enjoy exploring the historic coffee orchard and mill.


2. Kona Greenwell Farms:

Do you want to witness the harvesting of the coffee live? Then you need to visit this coffee farm soon in the coffee harvesting season. This farm also offers a farm tour which you will love to take. You will get to enjoy the personal walking tour though the coffee fields and also see the processing facilities that this farm has. Even you will get to see the processing of coffee if you are lucky enough. Never miss out to taste a sample of freshly brewed varieties of coffee. You can see the working Hawaiian farm over here which people consider as a once in a lifetime experience.


3. Pau Hana Estate Coffee Farm:

This is an award winning certified organic farm which is owned and operated by a family. This place is full of Kona coffee and the conditions are too perfect for growing it. The deep rich volcanic soil with 5 acres of farm makes a great place for growing coffee. You can have a great tour here and enjoy the vast cultivation of coffee. They are certified organic for past 10 years now. You can also opt for tasting the delicious freshly brewed organic Kona coffee from this farm. If you take special interest in coffee then you can check how they are picked and then processed.


4. Old Hawaiian Coffee Farm:

This farm tour can give you a great experience in traditional organic farming methods. The farm area covers about 10 acres where you can see the coffee plantations as well as the coffee mills. So, you can go through the harvesting and processing of the coffee beans. Even you can try a sample of the organic Kona coffee from here. The hot cup of this coffee can really help you to get freshen up. They use no chemical fertilizers or herbicides. Only natural and traditional methods are used to plant, grow and harvest the coffee.


Must Visit

So, these are the famous coffee farms in Hawaii that you must visit. If you are a coffee buff and enthusiast and take special interest in coffee then this is the perfect place to visit. For increasing your knowledge regarding the growth and harvest of the coffee plants and beans you have to visit these coffee farms. The coffee orchards, mills and processing of the coffee can provide you with a vivid idea and knowledge about from where you get your cup of coffee. Since these are organic and completely processed through traditional methods, you are bound to experience a different taste of the coffee. So, make sure to visit the coffee farms for a unique experience on your next vacation. Also, bring home some authentic Kona coffee to enjoy the taste and smell.