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Raising awareness

The world behind your trip… We go on holidays for pleasure, to discover new horizons, to relax, to meet people and to learn about different cultures. Most of the time, we are not aware that the choices we make for our holiday can have an impact on our destination and on the people that live there. We are often equally unaware of the implications of our travel for global environmental issues, especially climate change. In this context, the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism has initiated activities adressing the General Public to raise awareness Worldwide. Key Partnership initiatives raising awareness worldwide

The Green Passport Campaign

The aim of this Green Passport site is to introduce you, the potential traveller, to some of the things you can do to help make tourism a sustainable activity, by which we mean an activity that is not only respectful of the environment but that is also good for the economic and social development of the communities that will be your hosts. Download the Green Passports: Global Green Passport (English | Spanish) Brazil Green Passport (Portuguese | English) Costa Rica Green Passport (English) Ecuador Green Passport (Spanish) South Africa Green Passport (English) France’s overseas