About Us

Great Green Travel is devoted to the green, environmentally conscious traveler. We comb the web looking for the finest eco-friendly destinations! If you really want to save the planet, the best advice we can give you is to stay home!! …but, if you want to get out and see the world, we’ll help you find your way.

Great Green Travel aims at promoting global sustainable tourism development and educates travelers and tourism providers on how to benefit local communities economically while minimizing their negative environmental and socio-cultural impacts.

Looking for green tourism service providers? We have a comprehensive listing of tourism service providers including hotels, safari lodges, campsites, tour operators, and other organizations.

We will be growing the Green Travel Guide on a regular basis with the assistance of our partners so be sure to check back regularly for the latest tips, advice and places to visit. If you have any insights or advice you would like to share with us, please get in touch.