Commonly nick-named as the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is normally known as the best gorilla trekking safari destination. This goes about as the main tourism activity that pulls in trekkers from various parts of the world. There are undoubtedly the eminent perspectives you will be presented to on a drive through the distinctive urban places in Rwanda like Kigali where you get to explore numerous cultural sites.

At whatever point when this East African country is mentioned, many individuals remember the genocide that occurred in the nation that led to the loss of lives and property overlooking the tourism fraternities the nation harbors. Today, Rwanda is a standout amongst the most nations in Africa and this is one of the key issues that have driven the number of tourists who come to encounter thrilling experiences in the tropical rain forests. The nation is easy to go to by both road and air and its infrastructures are in good conditions.

There is a number of various tourism exercises you can appreciate on your safari visit to Rwanda which is not in other African countries. The reality that these activities are so unique attracts travelers to this East African country throughout the year.  Some of the tour activities one should expect on a Rwanda safari include;-

Gorilla trekking: This is mainly carried out from Volcanoes National Park where there are more than 300 mountain gorillas. Rwanda is one of only a handful couple of nations where mountain gorillas can be found. Other nations where one can locate these uncommon primates are Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, among these countries, it’s Rwanda that is favored by most travelers on account of the simplicity one gets while tracking the gorillas in their common territories.

Dian Fossy grave climbing: This is another tourism action that most visitors particularly those keen on the historical background of the late popular primatologists, Dian Fossy, who was killed while trying to save the remaining mountain gorillas from poachers. Dian Fossy grave hiking is a lifetime experience that you should experience because of the adventures you are exposed to as you climb the Volcanoes Mountain. It’s both a cultural and primate trek in light of the fact that as you hike; you may come across the mountain gorillas in their regular environments.

Golden monkey trekking: This is also performed at Volcanoes National Park and it is a joined movement with gorilla following. Get a possibility of having a look at these uncommon monkeys as they bounce from one tree to the other. You will also take some reasonable photographs while in the downpour backwoods with the brilliant monkeys in short proximity.

Chimpanzee trekking: This is another audacious tourism action that you ought not to miss on your safari to Rwanda and it’s done from Nyungwe National Park. Spend about an hour with these human-like primates in the tropical rainforests of Nyungwe and take clear photographs for future reference.

Birding:  Birders are not left out on a Rwanda Safari because of the presence of more than 1,500 species of birds easily watched from any of the national parks. You can likewise have great bird-watching moments on the shores of Lake Kivu. Some birds are so small that you cannot see them with your eyes and you might be required to utilize binoculars. So, tourists are advised to carry them along when going birding.

Nature Walks: Rwanda is one of the main nations with regard to nature experience. The ever-green fields and eminent rainforests are an unquestionable must-sees as you drive through the nation.

Cultural tours: Get a chance of meeting the local people of Rwanda who have got different cultural norms and beliefs. Interacting with their elders is inspiring and a tourist can never forget this experience.

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