There various ways one can traverse through the land of Karamoja, the Albertine Rift rolls of Volcanos, through the roars of the Murchison is dreamt travel experience. Holiday cars in Uganda are available to ensure all drifter’s rootless pleasure either with a guided trip or a self-guided vacation.

When searching for holiday car rentals, these are customized for adventures with a popup for an incredible game viewing, and of various seating capacities. And are all 4×4 cruisers which can traverse through almost all terrains.

Self-guided tours are sprouting to become so popular where many of the travelers prefer renting a car and drive their own way. This adds value on one’s traveling list among which is the freedom and privacy which are enjoyed while exploring the most attention of traveling. There is a wider range of fleet to consider choosing through for that planned thrilling adventure that runs through the beautiful Ugandan land.

Spotting the best holiday car rental in Uganda

The most cause of embarrassments on a holiday in Africa is not having the right vehicle, must keep this in mind that roads in Africa are very tough and if make a wrong selection of the vehicle. Always 4×4 vehicles have always been competent vehicles and choosing a vehicle depends on the purpose, areas to drive to and capacity of the vehicle.

Different options for car rentals in Uganda can be found at any corner of the country right from the airport, one can just commute to any nearby car rental offices. The best car rental advice is hire a vehicle in advance and this is done using the virtual mean, by browsing through a list of car rentals in Uganda one spot out that best car rental through drawing down your specifications.

Best time to hire holiday cars in Uganda

At any time one hire out a holiday vehicle, but should keep in mind that holiday vehicles are highly demanded and they may not be available anytime one wishes. The best recommended time to rent a car in Uganda is booking in advance at least 2 month before the date use date. If considering to travel in peak seasons of June to September and December to February which the prices tend to hike due to market demand considering renting at least 4 month before is a accurate ideal not to follow victims of hiked car rental rates.

Car rentals for holiday drive in Uganda

Adventure in Africa are road based safaris which require a 4×4 wheel drives that can cruise throughout the land. There are variety of customized holiday 4×4 cars in Uganda accommodating all classes of travelers and all capacities accordingly as they’re stated.

Same way, you can self-drive in Rwanda during your extended holiday to the land of a thousand hills with no limitations. If you rent one from Uganda, you will need to meet the comesa and border crossing fee

Rav4 SUV

Very accommodative to solo travelers and a group of less than 4 people and it’s most considerate vehicle for travelers on a limited budget. Rav4 was made with a fulltime 4×4 drive with either manual or an automatic transmission. For couples traveling on a considerate budget, this is your best choice. The Rav4 available for holidays in Uganda are 1998 to 2005, but are maintain in a perfect mechanical conditions.

 Land cruiser Prado

The 4×4 Prado land cruiser comes in different models among which can include TX, V8, GX, and VX. A selection of the Prado is very accommodative for groups of 4 people enjoying super mid-range as well some models are customized for luxury safaris including the GX, V8, and VX. The safari customized 4×4 Toyota Prado Land cruisers are built with a pop up for a rewarding game viewing and very comfortable with roof tent camping.

Land cruiser hardtop

Mainly known as safari extended vehicles, these are the best fitting vehicles for an adventure throughout Africa. The vehicles are extra designed and fully customized for African adventures that they can cruise through the tuff bumpy roads. They are designed with a twenty-four-hour 4×4 drive made in over 70 series with a wider pop up for game viewing and can carry up to 8 travelers and not available for self-drive, however, can be hired with a driver. This is the most reliable holiday cars in Africa for unlimited cruise to off the beaten path.

Super custom/ Min vans

Groups travelers in number not more than 9 having a van/ super custom is an echoing idea. This is very suitable for travelers in groups but on a limited, they can be rented out for a self-drive depending on the model.  All safari customized vans have 4×4 wheel drive to camouflage through the hard roads with pop up for game viewing, enough and comfortable  seating spaces even on a long journey, enough space to carry as much luggage. They are of varying rates accommodating various travelers’ right from luxury, mid-range and budget.

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