It’s an amazing experience to share Uganda and Rwanda’s Gorilla life in one safari with only Eco Tours Rwanda. A 7 Days gorilla tours Rwanda is well planned and managed by professional gorilla company to take you through Uganda and Rwanda to explore the endangered mountain Gorillas inhabited. Day one starts with traveling from Kampala to Kabale in Mgahinga National Park where gold meets silver. As you travel, a stopover is taken on Masaka road at the Equator where drum makers are met and also a good view to enjoy all kinds of photo pause you would love to take from the Equator. Before you even reach your final destination, these put you in the moods and you even become eager to reach the park. An African lunch at this site also too yummy indeed for the very first time to taste. We reached late in the evening and took a rest at the camping site. Immediately after supper, we slept in order to catch up very early at 8am at Ntebeko entrance gate.

Day two starts very early at 8am at the entrance ready to discover the silver in this park. The guides lead us through the Gorilla’s world surrounded by wild forests as well as an impressive bird life. As we track the silver boys and girls we got a great chance to also enjoy the golden monkeys which are housed by the mountain Gorillas. The Gorillas tend to mind their own business as you track hence giving you the opportunity to take all sorts of photo pauses given. While there, you are given a full hour to stay with them which becomes a one life time experience. In the afternoon, we decided to take the Batwa tour. These Twa people were previously forest people; in this tour, they took us through the forest demonstrating to us how they used to stay in the forests and also entertained us with some Twa dances making our day end.

Day three starts very early traveling to Volcanoes National Park with our Gorilla permits already booked in advance to go and explore the Gorillas in this park. With the seven Gorilla families in this park, we decided to visit the Sabyinyo family on day four. This group inhabits in the closest territories of Mt Sabyinyo and Mt Gahinga reached within two hours, led by the largest silver back called Guhonda. It is just an ever lasting memories with this family. on day 5 we attended the Kwita Izina ceremony which takes place to name the new born gorillas and this gave us the ultimate experience of Gorillas. Day xix, was spent within Kinigi Iby’Iwacu cultural village where a number of activities are carried out as well as enjoying the traditional Intore dancers. Day seven was traveling back with the unforgettable and memorable experience about the safari. Book now with our Safari consultant to get the remarkable Gorilla Safaris and pay your gorilla permit in advance.

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