Did you know that Ecotourism destinations connect travelers to inspiring natural initiatives?.It’s now that travelers should start educating themselves about sustainable tourism, book eco-tourism trips as well as lodges on any Africa holiday that one is hopping to take.

Many Africa countries conserve the environment, sustain the well being of the surrounding community and also sensitize the masses about the importance of eco travel though the world is changing fast every day. Some of the natural resources have declined wildlife migration patterns and climate change. However, you & I can protect the environment while traveling for fun in Africa without being part of any volunteer program but having a wonderful exotic Africa holiday in a responsible and sustainable way that supports local conservation and education initiatives.

Africa and East Africa as a destination has several countries but Rwanda is one of the top ecotourism destinations covered by well conserved natural attractions that enable visitors have memorable wonderful Rwanda trips in both wild & natural setting. Looking at well conserved ecotourism destinations in Africa, Rwanda comes first still second to none followed by Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Democratic republic of Congo etc. Doing a safari in Rwanda is like spending a few days in paradise a place with more options than ever making your holiday meaningful not just to you but to others and to the environment.

This year Rwanda is celebrating a national gorilla naming ceremony as a result of decade treasure conservation progress from un conserved environment. Having given priority to natural environment protection, today 80% of Rwanda attractions are protected with the biggest tourism income percentage that goes to conservation programs.Even the growth of Rwanda travel industry has added value to the conservation effort because more tourists to the country lead to more conservation effort.However, the stunning volcanoes national park is one of the world’s foremost gorilla tracking destination and it fights to stay that way for ages.

The people of Rwanda & the government look at the environment as their economy hence working hand in hand to have the best eco-tourism destination in Africa.Also all Rwanda safaris focus on natural environmental respect as well as uniting the local conservation and communities in a sustainable manner.Are you one of those planning for a Rwanda trip just know that your travel is too meaningful to not only the economy but the local community and the government?. Environmental protection and conservation are Rwanda’s trend though few other countries think same like it. The country fully maintains all its natural resources and the progress is celebrated worldwide through several conservation events.

Looking at the countries past, Rwanda has always been this way since 1970 when an American primatologist started her lifetime conservation journey at the volcanoes national park. Her effort was the base of the present Rwanda mountain gorilla tourism which never ceased even after her death. A lot was learnt which is still being implemented leading to a growing trend in Rwanda gorilla tracking safaris year round. Do you want to see the amazing eco-tourism attractions that are protected and well conserved in their natural environment?.Nyungwe forest, Akagera National Park and Volcanoes National park are open year round for any kind of adventure in line with conservation. One can also spend time at the lovely naturally conserved beach Lake kivufor great   chances of leisure and full natural relaxation. The island and water has variety to keep busy each minute as they draw one’s a tension and mind to natural beauty.

If that isn’t enough to entice you, Rwanda is still a home of several rich cultures and history which are recognized internationally.Besides the country earns a lot from her rich culture including the different cultural attractions, cleanest city and organized communities and partially the genocide sites. Variety waits for tourists to the country whose priority is to explore the countries beauty. Most lodges are eco-friendly built with local materials a unique character that attract millions across the world.For the most beautiful and sustainable eco- tourism tours in Rwanda remember to  respect the environmental rules and regulations of the place visited as just your average holiday though you can even do more. Getting involved in local community conservation efforts is another way of giving back to the environment duringyour travel.

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