Rwanda Gorillas

Meet Rwanda’s Gorillas & Chimpanzee on a Conservation Safari

Rwanda being a small country it has taken high level in promoting sustainable tourism to save the mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park...

Crocodiles and sacred islands in San Blas, Mexico

San Blas is a small town that was formerly used as a base to fight pirates in western Mexico. Perhaps because swashbucklers have ceased...

Jaguars and Giant Anteaters in the Pantanal of Brazil

The Pantanal is the largest freshwater wetland in the world. Just how big is it? Well, put it this way, if England and Wales...

Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village – An Example for Community Tourism in Rwanda

Iby’Iwachu Cultural Village is one of the community owned enterprises in Rwanda which was started with a major aim to address local community conflicts...

How Gorilla Tourism is Saving Rwanda Community from Poverty

Volcanoes national park located in northwestern Rwanda is a unique wildlife safari destination with over 300 mountain gorillas and the best place for where...

Mountain Gorillas – the Tale of Endangered Apes

Categorized among the most endangered apes on the entire planet, mountain gorillas are very unique primates. They prefer living along the slopes of the...
Volunteer in Rwanda

Volunteer at Local Community Projects in Rwanda

Travelers to Africa are encouraged to volunteer at local projects so that their visit can benefit the local communities as well. Visitors to Rwanda,...

Is Fishing in South Africa Sustainable?

You rarely think about the effect your appetite for fish has on the ecosystem (and to be fair, many “fish lovers” eat fish maybe...

Purchasing Carbon Offsets is now as easy as One, Two, Green

Great news for Green Travelers!! On August 28th, both and Travelocity, announced they are offering new options supporting responsible travel. is now offering...

0 is a new website that just launched with the great slogan “you fly - we plant”. For £10.00 (that’s $18.44 for you Yanks),...

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What are the Best Cars for a Holiday in Uganda?

There various ways one can traverse through the land of Karamoja, the Albertine Rift rolls of Volcanos, through the roars of the Murchison is...
Rwanda Vacation

What a the components of a good Vacation

A vacation is not something that happens always. So please since it happens once in a lifetime, one has to plan for it completely...
Nyungwe Canopy Walk

Best 5 Ecotourism Activities to do in Rwanda

Gorilla tourism, bird watching, classic game drives, nature walks, cultural experiences, hiking, and lakeside relaxation are just some of the ways to spend your...
Wild Camping

Wild Camping Makes Travel Easy

Are you planning to go on a safari in Africa? Going wild camping is a memorable safari experience, that you should not miss. Here...
Amorgos Island

Explore the Amorgos Island

Amorgos is one of the most visited islands in the Cyclades of Greece. This island has a size of about 120 km2 and inhabited...

Best Places to Visit in Florida

Planning to travel to Florida? Wondering about the best places to visit in Florida? Here are some of the must visit destinations that you...
kibale chimpanzee tracking

Top Uganda Spots for Primate Encounters

Uganda is a magnet for primate enthusiasts. Located in the Eastern part of Africa, this prime destination is among the top countries with the...
Bwindi Forest Gorilla

5 Quick Tips to Get the Best out of a Gorilla Trek

Mountain gorillas are one of the most interesting primates to watch in their natural habitats as you interact with them by observing them do...
Go Green Ireland

Go Green Ireland

Ireland is a country of contrasts- it has both brains and beauty. Of course, it is well known for its green landscapes and beautiful...