Rwanda being a small country it has taken high level in promoting sustainable tourism to save the mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park and the chimpanzee in Kyamudongo area, part of Nyungwe Forest National Park. There are several companies promoting Eco Tours Rwanda and the promoting this type of tourism it has led to the increase of the mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park.

The sustainable gorilla trekking tours are the most experiences which leads to the high flow number of international visitors in Rwanda, the organizations concerned at conserving the mountain gorillas have put measures to regulate the high pressure that the mountain gorillas would experience from the tourists, as the number for visitors to trek each gorilla family is limited to 08 people per day and this has helped so much the gorillas and the carrying capacity of the forest maintained.

The Eco-friendly safari lodges which blend with the nature have been established at the Volcanoes National Park and some measures like the benefit sharing with the local communities near and far from the park is in place to promote the local communities projects and hence saving the mountain gorillas.

To have this experience some of the reliable companies can arrange for you this kind of experience in Rwanda and you can either start your Eco tour from the Volcanoes National Park or Nyungwe Forest and this experience can be 5 or 6 days safari in Rwanda, and this safari can start from Kigali or from any other town of Rwanda or Uganda. For you to experience this sustainable tour in Rwanda stay with lodges that blend with the nature in Volcanoes and Nyungwe forests, after this experience you can too visit some Rwanda cultural sites like the IbyI’wacu cultural village and other museums. The Kigali city is well planned on the sustainable plan and several lodges have been put up to boost Eco tour conferences.

The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has introduced more activities like Musanze caves, Karisimbi and Bisoke mount hike, Dian Fossey and the Golden monkey tracking, birding trips Rwanda and all these can be experienced on your Eco tourism in Rwanda.

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