Ever take a trip and come back wishing you had taken more pictures? It seems like some trips are like fishing tales with plentiful stories about the perfect shot that got away. If you hate coming home from vacation thinking “We should’ve brought more film!” Then consider a photo expedition that presents some of the most remarkable shots that you’ll ever capture. Take a photo expedition to Madagascar with Terra Incognita Eco Tours.

You’ll want to be stocked with film for this 15-day tour that takes you from the US to Paris and then on to Antananarivo, Madagascar, where your photo excursion begins. The activity starts off at a leisurely pace to let you get settled. You’ll take a stroll to get acquainted with the local wildlife. Then things really get going. Explore the rainforest of Andasibe-Mantadia Reserve, home of the largest lemur species—the Indri. You’ll also get up close with the world’s largest chameleon along with a myriad of tree frogs and geckos.

Think your camera can handle black-and-white ruffled lemurs, the gray bamboo, the red-fronted brown lemur, or the golden-colored diademed sifaka? Better break out the zoon lens because you don’t want to miss a shot. Whether it’s flying foxes, lizards, or endangered tortoise, many of the animals even seem to pose for pictures.

What’s more is Terra Incognita Eco Tours lives up to its green claims by employing local people, using locally owned and operated lodges and outfitters and local goods and services. So you can feel good in knowing that your experience is also benefitting the local area.

With more than 170 species of frogs and more than 40 species of lemurs there’s always something new to discover. Scientists regularly discover new species of plants and animals. What will you discover?

To find out visit Terra Incognita Eco Tours to book your trip.

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