Nyungwe forest the playground of Chimpanzees

The play ground of Rwanda Chimpanzees Nyungwe forest national park is one of the largest Africa remaining Rich montane forests. Though visitors to this park expect to see giant forest hogs, elephants, Otters, Duikers Civets and variety of bird species the park remains the best remarkable ground for chimpanzee trekking. The park is coloured by the tall old mahoganies, ebonies, giant lobelia and a host of colorful orchids which tangle around each other above you as you walk through the forest. The park famed for its 13 primates species including man’s closest resemble mate, the chimpanzee, L’Hoest’s monkey, golden monkeys, large troops of the Angola Colobus, velvet monkeys, Silver Monkey, Hamlyn’s Monkey, Red-tailed Monkey, Dent’s Mona Monkey, Olive Baboon, Grey-cheeked Mangabeys among other. If you a fun of birds, Nyungwe is among the best birding sites in Rwanda with over 300 recorded species of which it is also a host to migrate birds.

Nyungwe forest has several tourist activities to entertain its guests from morning to sunset that’s chimpanzee tracking, canopy walk, black and white colobus monkeys trek, and forest walks and it’s very easy to access the park from Kigali by road which takes around 5 hours drive to Uwinka visitors centre .If you set off from Kigali in the morning by 7.00am,you can start you days forest adventure by 3.00pm after lunch which can take 2-3hours before you retire for meals and overnight. This is one of the best parks to visit on a Rwanda safari who are interested in primates watching in Africa.

Chimpanzee tracking

The chimpanzee treks in Nyungwe take between 1-2 hours which is a wonderful experience to view the shy primates in their natural environment. Other primates are spotted during the trek though sometimes viewing the chimps on steep slopes is challenging but the presence of park guides make it simpler by giving you all the primate details from lifestyle, feeding, reproductions plus the names of different tree species. The trek will also expose you to excellent birding experience & the beauty of the forest will make you feel like not ending the venture. Carry your camera for fresh memories & moments.

High Canopy Walk

This adventure is very exciting in the afternoon starting at 2/ 3.00pm and it takes 2hrs .You start by registering with the park management, briefing and later pick your walking sticks to start the canopy walk in the heart of the forest. The walk takes you to one end of the walkway and return the same way but don’t take it on if you fear heights. View primates once again and birds in a new angle and enjoy photography.

Black and white colobus monkey trek

This trek looks same like that of the Chimpanzees though here more concentration is put on Monkeys but you can view chimps as well during the colobus monkey trek. The Walk on various nature trails in Nyungwe and connect with nature while exploring Nyungwe unique features including waterfalls and orchids in the high altitude swamps is a rare experience which I feels many should take on during their visit to Rwanda. Compared to Kibale forest national park in Uganda, Nyungwe is more thrilling starting with scenic ride to the park.

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