Backcountry kayak tours with St. Augustine Eco ToursThere are two ways of experiencing an eco-tour; passively, by sitting back in a vehicle or behind the glass of some sort and watching, or actively, by jumping right in the middle of nature. If you are part of the latter group you may want to pick up a paddle because this trip is for you. St. Augustine Eco Tours offers backcountry kayak trips that will get you close to the action without really getting your feet wet. However, they don’t guarantee you won’t break a bit of sweat from the paddling.

Actually, the tours are of a leisurely kind. Paddle along the Matanzas River and the certified interpretive naturalist guides will tell you all about the river’s estuary system. Learn about animals like the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin, down to the tiny micro-organisms that make up the river’s ecology. See baby sea turtles, Osprey, and a variety of other animals (and occasionally an alligator or two) all interacting in one happy community.

Take one of nine backcountry kayak excursions that will delight your eco-sensibilities.

The Washington Oaks Gardens State Park tour starts in Palm Coast, Florida. The park boasts more than 100 species of birds, but you may also see dolphins, manatee, and sea turtles. You can opt for the Guana River tour, which paddles through Guana River Park, which is protected as part of the 7th largest national estuarine research reserve. Or paddle through the Moses Creek Conservation Area, which is undeveloped and inaccessible by the motor. The Faver-Kykes State Park tour brings you close to native wildlife and the Moultrie Creek kayak tour is a great way to see the native St. Augustine area with oyster beds and tidal beaches attracting a variety of birds and fish.

No matter which backcountry kayak trip you choose, you are sure to get a pleasurable, an up-close visit with St. Augustine’s flora and fauna.

Visit the St. Augustine Eco Tours; for more information.

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