Amorgos is one of the most visited islands in the Cyclades of Greece. This island has a size of about 120 km2 and inhabited by around 1800 people can be found at the east of the Cyclades, next to Dodecanese. Anciently called Minoa, the origins of this city and its population can be found strongly attached to the Cretans who are believed to be the first inhabitants in this island.

The island of Amorgos counts with a very rich and interesting past, and therefore all those who enjoy historic spots would be able to have a great time while visiting it. Many centuries ago, Amorgos was used by the Ionians in order to go from their islands to mainland Greece. Many constructions and elements from such époque can be still observed nowadays since was important in shaping the island’s culture and traditions.

Three of the main and most antique cities in Amorgos can also be still visited nowadays. These three cities are Militos, Efessos, and Alikarnasos and also are strongly attached to the époque in which the Ionians used to go through this island in order to reach mainland Greece in such a way that each one of them can tell a bit of the history of those days. These three cities count with the peculiarity of being autonomous although they share a same currency and have many other aspects in common as well.

The city of Arkesini, one of the main spots in Amorgos, contains several appealing and unique characteristics. One of these interesting characteristics tourists could find in Arkesini is the antique walls that surround it and which were part of many important historical events.

It is also interesting to know that the island of Amorgos has received many different names throughout its history, and still, nowadays, it receives a variety of denominations. Among the names tourists could find Amorgos is called nowadays, there is the name of Pagali, Psichia, Patagy, Yperia, and Karkisia. This way, tourists should not be surprised or confused when they hear, read or see any of those names in reference to the town of Amorgos.

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