Build peace while you travel!! Servas is a network established in 1948 and operates around the world. Member hosts and travelers work together to foster peace, goodwill, and mutual respect. As a Servas traveler, you may seek homestay exchanges with overnight host families typically for three days and two night using the host list as your guide, or meet with “day hosts,” who do not offer overnight accommodation but who are interested in meeting Servas travelers.

One may join either as a (day) host, a traveler, or both. Specific membership policies vary from country to country, but most countries including the US require new applicants to have a personal interview and orientation with a trained volunteer interviewer, who may also consider character references supplied by the applicant.

Servas was originally established with the goal of eradicating war and the social conflicts leading to war. Although Servas has pacifist roots, it has always welcomed anyone with a commitment to peace, recognizing that there are many avenues to achieving this objective. Recognizing that military personnel also sacrifice in the cause of peace, past and current members of the military are welcome.

As a traveler, there is no cost for lodging. The membership fee for a year will give you access to the international ($85.00) or domestic($50.00) network of more than 15,000 families and individuals spread over 125 countries on six continents.

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