There are beach destinations and then there is Puerto Vallarta. I am sure most of us must have heard of Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Los Cabos. These are quite popular and well known. But if you prefer something most luxurious and high end then Puerto Vallarta is one destination which gives even tourist destinations in the developed countries a run for their money.

Puerto Vallarta is situated in the Jalisco state of Mexico. Its location seems to be chosen by the God chosen himself. With palm-covered lush green Sierra Madre Occidental hills on one side and Pacific Ocean’s Bahia de Banderas, Puerto Vallarta is a nature lover’s paradise. It’s golden sand beaches, old-town charm, art community and world class restaurants have made it the most popular destination for people who are well travelled and appreciate fine living.

Puerto Vallarta Gustavo DíazOrdaz International Airport is well connected with almost all major cities in USA, Canada and Europe. Every year it handles more than 2.5 million passengers. It is the eight busiest airport in Mexico.

Getting to the airport is very easy and so is travelling in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta has bus services which are very convenient, affordable and easily available. With the bus network, traveling within the city is a breeze even for tourists. Taxies are also easily available but tourists are advised to fix the fare before getting in to avoid any unnecessary hassles later on. Car rentals are also common in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta is heaven sent for fishing and water sports lovers. Los Arcos and Islas Marietas in the Bahía de Banderas are two great spots for diving and snorkeling. The warm pacific waters are perfect for snorkeling all through the year. The best time to visit is between June to December. The aquatic life teeming below the water has to be seen to be believed. Giant Manta rays, dolphins, sea turtles, angel fish are abundant. While snorkeling you will encounter cornet fish, puffer fish, and parrot fish, moray eels, spotted eagle rays, starfish and seahorses and other tropical fishes. Colomitos and Majahuitas are other two popular spots for snorkeling and diving. The wild marine life will surely leave you spellbound even after you come up. Sport fishing is another popular activity in Puerto Vallarta. You can sign up for one of the many fishing tours. Yellowfin tuna, Black and Blue Marlin are some of the popular fishes for anglers in Puerto Vallarta.

If you prefer to just sit back and get a health tan then take your spot at Playa de los Muertos. For nature lovers, the JardinesBotánicos de Vallarta tropical garden near Puerto Vallarta with orchids, wild palms and host of butterflies and hummingbirds is a treat not to be missed. Puerto Vallarta has been always popular with artsy folks as it has plenty art museums and galleries.

The MuseodelCuale is a small museum with an enviable collection of Mexico’s history consisting of archaeological artifacts, traditional Mexican arts and crafts, folklore displays and some well-preserved pre-Hispanic items. The Manuel Lepe Museum also has a collection of works created by world famous artist Manuel Lepe.

Another museum, Museo Ernesto Munoz Acosta has the works of the Huichol Indians and modern artists such as Sergio Bustamente and Manuel Lepe. It also showcases many promising artists.

Naval History Museum in El Centro is the newest entry featuring a permanent collection of cartography, documents, images, navigation instruments, paintings, and scale models.

Puerto Vallarta has a sub-tropical climate which means abundant rain. Heaviest rainfall occurs between June and September. December and January are the peak months for both tourism and warmth.

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