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Who says Baja, California is all about poolside lounging and drinks with little umbrellas? For the more get up and go types there are also plenty of opportunities to get out in the sun, on a boat, and wait. And watch. For the majestic maneuvers of migrating whales.

Watch as mother whales care for their young or are amazed by the power of breaching and spy-hopping whales. Searcher Natural History Tours offers whale watching tours that bring you as close as you want to be to a variety of species of whales. Catch a peek at everything from blue, sperm, and humpback whales, pods of dolphins, or even a variety of seabirds, all of which present wonderful photo opportunities and unforgettable memories. Whales aren’t the only animals you’ll see on this trip however.

There are opportunities to hike and snorkel as well, so you’ll have the chance to check out the wilderness below and above. See the myriad of fish under the sea or do a little bird watching. Comb the beaches on a leisurely stroll and then when you’re ready to cool off in the beautiful sea.

The 12-day excursion will take you to places like Islas San Benito where you can hike to an old lighthouse and observe seals. It’s mating season so you’ll have a chance to see the males strut their stuff. Anchor at Laguna San Ignacio and whale watching from smaller boats where you can get eye to eye with the incredible mammals. Take a break from whale watching and explore beaches for shells and plant life. The excursion will take to you islands like Cabo San Lucas, Isle San Jose, Isla Santa Catalina, and more.

Whether your walking, snorkeling or simply watching and waiting, getting out for an eco-tour excursion is an exciting prospect with Searcher Natural History Tours. Visit their website to schedule yourself for their next tour.

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