When human beings do engage in activities that do not harm the environment they are participating the activity, it is called Eco- friendly. This is the best way to translate this Eco- friendly. Green and Eco-friendly has been attributed to climate change. Usually, to obtain Green and eco- friendly, it is very important that ways which are geared towards   conserving the environment should implemented. This will avoid global warming and maintain the environment clean.

What does going green mean?

Well, when you hear about going green, it does not mean literally painting your beautiful hotel green. Neither does it not mean planting flowers and using paper plates.  However, it means that we should take several measures that help to reduce the harm   to the environment. To attain this, there are steps which can be involved. These include;

  1. You should first involve the staff. The first’s thing to do before you kick of the campaign of green and making your hotel eco- friendly, you should make new changes. This will call you to involve all the staff members in the initiative. In involving the staff, you should be in position to get their feedback. The feedback should be the ones which you should put into action and will make it easy when the time comes to implement all the eco- friendly steps you have.
  2. Secondly you can only do a complete repair when it is easy for you and the clients or when the hotel is not in its bust season. Prior to soaring into the  green project,  you are advised to take very small steps and these include;  starting up with smallest things including putting a recycling bins in every rooms  and office, station, electricity and management.
  • The third step is maintaining the environment. Well, going green involves planting as many trees and grass. Not only does it involves planting grass but also flowers and well cured brushes around your To go green, means maintaining what the hotel found in place; that is the environment. In case you have built your hotel nest to the lake, swamp or forest, then you continue maintaining the environment. This should avoid draining the swamps, cutting down tons of trees for expansion or dumping waste in the lake.
  1. There is need for structural planning. This usually comes when you are adding structures to your hotel. You should opt for materials that will never damage the environment. A good example for this is would be; how most of the hotels are built in forests, you  should always  create cabins out of some of the wood and in the fact that the structure has to be  removed and  dismantling  it will not be as damaging to the surroundings compared to heavy steel and concrete
  2. You should also save energy. Saving energy is highly advisable when you are using electricity. Of course this is in hotels. Get money saving bulbs for lighting, gas as an alternative kitchen cooking sauce, use of solar heating systems for the pool and educate staff on a room how to maintain especially when there are no guests. You should tell the staff to switch off the lights as well as the air conditioning in empty rooms during the hotel low season. This should be geared towards saving the money which would otherwise be spent on electricity bills.
  3. Control the use of water in the hotel. Water is very important in our daily usage. In this essence, there is no hotel which can run without water and no hotel should run when they are low on water supply. This therefore calls for ensuring water tanks that can tap rain water which can be used during water scarcity. This water can be used in toilets, watering plants and any other cleaning services. In case you are the manager of the   hotel, encourage your employees to use water sparingly
  • You should include many green spaces in the interior design of your hotel. These may be put in front of hotel rooms. You should bring to your hotel flower pots. For eco tours in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo, you can click here to make a booking.
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