Rwanda, a land of thousand hills and also a home to mountain gorillas has made it to the top 100 green destination list for 2016. This was after Greg Bakunzi submission of Volcanoes National Park as one of the great sustainable destinations in the world. The assortment process was based on nature and scenery, environment and climate, culture and tradition, people and hospitality concluding with sustainable destination management. However, the event winner was announced during the 2day global Green Destination conference held in Ljubljana, Slovenia on September 27-28.

While in the conference Mr.  Bakunzi made a great presentation about sustainable management of Volcanoes National Park management and sustainability with emphasis on endangered mountain gorillas that proved Rwanda as a true green destination. He made clarities on how the Rwanda government values natural sustainability by limiting the number of visitors to see mountain gorillas to eight per day per a gorilla family in order to keep the primates relaxed and free in their wild shelter. He added that the revenue collected from tourists go to local communities surrounding the park hence sustaining the primates as well as the locals.

Other issues presented included Rwanda’s ban on plastic bags, its monthly community work–Umuganda and the peaceful environment of the entire country. Due to Rwanda great effort on responsible and green tourism, there has been a big increase in the number of tourists to the country for Rwanda safari tours not only to Volcanoes National Park but also to other countries attractions. Also Rwanda’s celebration of the rich culture with the community that have supported the conservation work for years is a very important aspect that has always renewed  the cultural values of the locals as well as raising the  hospitality standards  and sustainability in the tourism sector . Now that we are approaching the end of year many travelers are planning to visit Rwanda on different tours to experience the best of their stay in Africa.

Looking at best sustainable destinations, Rwanda  is one of those few in Africa that focus on protecting nature, wildlife ,culture, people and hospitality. Volcanoes national park, Nyungwe forest and Akagera national park have always minimized negative impacts that tourism has on the natural environment.

The Rwanda park management has always worked hand in hand with the locals to protect wildlife, nature and also give them support in different aspect. However, Rwanda to join the list of 100 green destinations of 2016 is a big achievement that has made it popular and known worldwide giving other green destinations a challenge to also get there. To Rwanda in particular the effort must continue because now it’s one the greenest and sustainable destinations eyed by every tourist in search of sustainable travel holidays. This will definitely increase the number of tourist arrivals to the country as well as attracting international foreign investors.

Though other Africa countries where recognized on the list of 100,that is South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania, Rwanda is the only gorilla tracking destination in Africa. It’s estimated that the country is a home to around 350 mountain gorillas, golden monkeys and other primates. Therefore, Rwanda has the best sustainable ape adventures in Africa.

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