The whole world is affected negatively that is economically, religiously, politically and socially due to coronavirus infection disease. Rwanda is a deeply fascinating country that is orderly, clean and rapidly developing due to tourist attractions. Rwanda is one of the best destination for gorillas and thousands of travelers both locals and internationals travel to witness the gorilla tours into the wild.

Mountain gorillas are not only located in the Virunga Mountains but also in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. You can visit the mountain gorillas in in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. All these three countries suspended gorilla trekking to safe guard the lives of mountain gorillas which are known to be close relatives of human beings and therefore can easily be affected by the coronavirus.   Due to the fact that these countries have registered the cases of the infected people of covid-19, this has brought fear among the conservationists, researchers and trackers  resulting the closure of all the national parks.

In sub-Saharan Africa, Rwanda was the first country to ban the gorilla treks due to coronavirus and so is other more great apes habitats in Uganda and Congo. Christian Tchemambela of the country’s National Agency for National Parks (ANPN) said that they have decided to close tourist activities for viewing the great apes in our parks to avoid any risk of transmissions between humans and the animals.

Despite the Covid-19 challenge, Rwanda Development Board (RDB) with its partnership of Dian Fossey Funds and Ellen Funds worked hand in hand to extend the touristic attractions via the online films for travelers to enjoy during the lock down days.

Gorilla trekking is an interesting experience that one has to experience in a virtual reality when they are in their living rooms. Currently Ellen DeGeneres is building a conservation center in Rwanda and it contains the virtual reality film of gorilla trekking.  This cinematic virtual reality film brings you close to mountain gorillas because you feel as if you’re seeing them face to face in their thick forest of Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Amazingly, the virtual reality film is free and can be viewed on different platforms like veer and littlstar, Oculus and Samsung virtual Reality. However without a virtual headset online, a snapshot of the film can also be viewed

The RDB chief Tourism Officer Belise Kaliza said that global Tourism has been greatly affected by coronavirus, which has forced countries to suspend gorilla safaris. Continually, she said that they are sad that they can’t welcome visits to see and experience their beautiful country during the African safari right now. However she also said that it’s everyone’s best interest to stay safe at home while they are working with their partners to create and share their immersive content like this gorilla virtual Reality Films.

About Rwanda‘s lockdown

Public gathering in places like bars, churches and clubs were all banned to reduce on the easy spread of coronavirus in Rwanda

Public means and private cars were also suspended because they are one of the places were coronavirus is spread due to zero distance during the travel.

Despite the brupt attack of the coronavirus, most shops were closed and those that were allowed to open were warned not to increase the price because of the situation in the country.

All the bordering countries neighboring Rwanda were closed except the cargo, goods and Rwanda citizens who were returning from other countries.

Unnecessarily movements were not allowed outside their homes except going out for shopping and for medical health.

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