Drugs and Alcohol

Responsible travelers should always avoid any contact with drugs. Do not get involved with drugs.

– Never carry packages on the behalf of anyone at any time, whether flying or not. Pack your own baggage, and never leave it unattended.

– Be wary at border crossings and customs of anyone trying to assist you, or offering to carry your luggage. Even when people look like they are in official dress, they may be bogus.

– When driving through border crossings in someone else’s car, always get out of the vehicle and walk through by yourself.

– Your foreign embassy will not be able to do anything to help you if you are caught with drugs, and depending upon the country, you could receive the death penalty.

– Be aware that not all cultures are as accepting towards alcohol as your home country. Public drunkenness is not acceptable in any cultures.

– Never drink and drive.

– Smoking in public should be avoided, especially around children. In many emerging economies, tobacco corporations are eager to imprint the notion that smoking is socially acceptable.

– By smoking you are simply reinforcing this stereotype and imbuing the concept that smoking is the preserve of the rich nations, and not the preserve of lung cancer sufferers. Don’t help the cause by becoming a role model.