Local Laws

Respecting Foreign Laws
Hand in hand with respecting local cultures comes an awareness of local laws. As a responsible traveller, it is essential that you acquaint yourself with local laws before you reach your destination.

What is legal in your home country can face the death penalty in another. For your own safety it is vital that you read up first on what activities are likely to cause trouble.

Sustainable Tourism cannot stress enough the importance of this. Experience is one thing, winding up in a Cambodian jail because you were caught with drugs considered only as a ‘minor offence’ in your home country is another.

You may disagree with the laws of the country you are visiting, however, you have chose to visit this particular region of the world, and your foreign embassy will, unfortunately, be unable to do little to help you if you do break the law.

Always research the country you are visiting and take heed of their rules and regulations. Remember laws apply to the country you are in and not the country you are from.