Looking for where to stay on your trip? Here is a guide to green hotels, safari lodges and ecolodges where you can enjoy your stay for a meaningful holiday in Africa. From 5 star hotels and family run B&Bs to budget hostels and camping in some of the most beautiful parts of Africa we have brought to you many exciting places where you can stay within different countries.

All accommodation providers that listed on this portal are committed to using energy efficiently, minimizing waste, recycling, sourcing locally and in most cases taking part in local community challenges. You may even get the chance to play an active role by enjoying home-stays.

Travel Green is a different way of travel where you get to know your  destination in a much more meaningful way whilst respecting the local people, culture and environment. Staying in a ‘green hotel’ is a very important step towards a green travel experience.

Green Hotels are environmentally friendly hotels that use programs to save water, save energy and reduce waste. These hotels also incorporate the eco or green travel way.