When traveling, it is vital that you try and be as kind to the environment as possible. Hundreds and hundreds of ‘untouched’ spots’ around the world are now experiencing the greatest influx of visitors in history.

Previously remote ecosystems which have been cultivated over thousands of years are already reaching breaking point.

With travelers seeking out ever more natural wonders around the world, it is paramount that we act responsibly, and protect these habitations for future generations.

It all sounds like obvious stuff, but travelers still don’t appreciate what a little common sense can make to a local environment.

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Protecting the Environment

Protecting the natural environment is paramount especially when travelling. Check out how you can conserve local eco-systems:

– Always try and use local energy and water as efficiently as possible in line with local practices. You may come from a city blessed with heavy annual rainfall, but the odds are the village you’re staying in isn’t.

– Don’t leave taps running or use water intensive practices such as hand washing only a few or single items of clothing at a time in countries where water is sparse.

– Check that any soaps or detergents you use are biodegradable, always washing dishes and utensils away from streams and lakes.

– Never ever litter. Find a bin or recycle it. Find out how to recycle your waste most efficiently from your hotel or hostel. Try not to bring any superfluous containers or packaging that you do not intend to take back home.

– Never put rubbish bags down beside a garbage bag or pile of rubbish sacks as wild animals are more likely to tear them open and disperse the rubbish. Worse still, bottles and cans can seriously injure animals and plastic bags suffocate animals when consumed.

– Travelers should be aware that not all countries employ the same levels of animal welfare protection. so be discerning when visiting zoos and marine parks abroad.

– Animals are not here to amuse us, so do not support this trend by visiting circus’, festivals and carnivals where performing animals are used.

– In natural areas, be aware that your movements are effecting your surroundings. Move cautiously, do not take any natural keepsakes and always stay to marked footpaths.

– When driving, stick to marked paths and roads. Be aware when driving at night that animals can scare easily from headlights and loud noises at and may be prone to leaping onto the road.

Drive cautiously always ready for unexpected obstacles