Asia is the largest continent on earth with huge cultural diversities. Not all the Asians speak the same language nor do they pray to the same God. But Asia is one continent that binds different cultures together. The Asian cities show similarities in architecture, culture, cuisines and festivals. It’s made rather clear and understandable while touring the Asian cities.

Participate in Asian Festivals

There are dozens of religious and national festivals conducted in every nook and corner of the continent. Participate in these Asian festivals to experience the true spirit of celebration. As like every other nation, the Asian countries celebrate these kind of festivals for enjoyment and integrity. You can also see similarities in many festivals celebrated across the continent. The world-famous Songkran festival celebrated in Thailand is similar to the Holi festival in India. In both the festivals, people pour water on each other and express their ecstasy.

Tour the Asian Markets

Cities like Bangkok, Phuket, Ko Samui, Singapore, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur and Hanoi are some of the popular shopping destinations in Asia. There are giant, sky-scraping malls to wide-stretched markets, to drench in shopping rain. Touring the Asian markets shall not only quench your shopping thirst, but also help you know more about the local lifestyle. Buy everything under the sun, starting from clothing and accessories to souvenirs and electronic goods at cheaper price. Pickled food, art, stationery, tailored pottery and custom-made jewellery are also available under the roof.

Besides shopping, eating is also equally enjoyable in the markets. A variety of freshly prepared seafood and veggie meals are available for a dollar or two. You can buy and enjoy the platter without worrying about the hygiene and the cost.

Visit Religious Places

The religious sites depict the ancient culture and the tradition of a locality! As Asia is a cultured continent, there are enormous sacred sites to explore the ethnicity and the custom of the continent. There are many temples, wats, mosques, shrines and pagodas in Asia, which are proudly known for their ancient architecture. A number of religions like Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Jainism, Daoism, Sikhism, Christianity, Kalasha exist in Asia, but Buddhism is the wide-spread Asian religion. So never miss visiting a Buddha temple while you are in Asia.

Accommodate in an Asian House

Choose the Asian guesthouses instead of hotels and resorts, to make the accommodation exciting. The elevation as well as the interior of these guesthouses is purely Asian. You can stay in these traditional houses to experience the local habitat and make the vacation more memorable.

Taste the Asian Meal

Asia has a huge menu for the feast! These menus are derived from different cuisines of the continent, such as Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, Cantonese, Punjabi, Indian and Malay. Every cuisine is said to have its own importance as the cooking methods are promisingly unique. Indians use grains as their main ingredient, whereas Chinese use noodles and Burmese use white rice. Though there are diversities in the basic ingredient, Asians are fond to use a lot of spices and herbs in their dishes to make the food flavorful and rich, which is a notable similarity in all Asian cooking.

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