It’s no a secret that Uganda is a paradise for great wildlife experiences in Africa with gorilla trekking as its number one  best wildlife encounter for all visitors to the country. Uganda is a home to the big five, lakes, rivers, landscape, culture but a visit to the country without gorilla trekking is taken to be incomplete. Uganda gorilla trekking tours are full of treasured memories and moments especially those captured during the one hour duration of photography and observation of the beautiful primates. It’s a year round activity so you can join those looking at experiencing the spectacular jungle forest of Mgahinga a home to five volcanoes and Bwindi forest.

Considerations for gorilla trekking in Uganda

Tourists need a minimum of three days, 2nights to track Uganda gorillas in both gorilla parks-Biwndi and Mgahinga that is if trips kick off from Kampala Uganda’s Capital. But those coming from Rwanda need only 2 days and one night to experience the life time adventure. However, one is free to land either in Entebbe international airport or Kigali international airport since the two countries are close to each other. Besides all tourists must spend a night before the trek close to the park briefing point to avoid early morning drives and inconveniences. The trekking day starts with breakfast at your lodge of residence to give energy during the trek, followed by briefing from park rangers on how to behave with gorillas and how to search for gorillas in the jungle forest without cause harm or danger to the well conserved natural jungle forest. Respect gorilla trekking rules and regulations for issues of safety since gorillas are wild animals that can change or go wild any time if provoked. The silver back look tough and terrific and they move all over providing the necessary safety to its family members.

Gorilla Trekking Check List

This is a very common asked question by many tourists planning and heading out on gorilla safaris in Uganda. I believe my gorilla trek check list will help you to have a very fabulous adventure to the gorilla parks in South Western Uganda. Have a small note book to note down interesting and surprising facts about gorillas that you didn’t know, insect repellent that are super effective to help you keep and protect your skin from insect bites, Camera with an extra battery and lens for emergency purposes, Water resisting comfortable walking boots, sandals, swim suit, gloves ,waterproof jacket, a hut for sun protection, 5 light pairs  of trousers, some short sleeved T-shirts, at least two long sleeved T-shirts, gorilla permit, drinking water, lunch boxes,sun cream, cotton socks, skirts for ladies, toilet paper, first aid medicine, flashlight and binoculars, shades and much more.Before you gorilla trekking safari request for a new check list from you trip planner and compare if they do match so that you can carry just right staff for use.

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