Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in Africa when it comes to size but in nature and tourism it is a very rich nation with vast wildlife. The mountain gorillas are one of the tourism product that make it very famous since these animals are a beauty to watch and hang around with them and also they are almost getting extinct. Many people are coming to Rwanda to eagerly see these animals before they become history. Although gorillas are awesome to see one has to plan for a gorilla tour to be enjoyable for him/her.

Before you take up a gorilla tour you have to get all the information about Rwanda and its tourism industry that is the visa requirements, accommodation facilities, the money currency, people and their culture, the weather and many more. One can get this information from friends who have ever been to Rwanda, tourism magazines and also through the internet.

Then after you seek information about core reason as to why you have to go to Rwanda that is the gorillas. Here you will get to know the history of gorillas in Rwanda, how they behave and more so the places they inhabit in Rwanda that is the volcanoes national park sometimes written Parc National des Volcans. This will help you to get what you will need like cameras, back pack, jungle boots, clothes and many more tools.

Booking the gorilla permit. You have to book a permit as early as possible and it is usually advisable for the period to be like 6 months before the real tracking date although last minute booking are often done. You will have to contact Rwanda development Agency for booking and it can also be done through a tour company with many available. As long as you are 15 years and above you are eligible for gorilla trekking. Normally in July, August, and September the competition is high for the gorilla permits so bear in mind while planning, with a gorilla permit going for USD 750 per permit all year round. Seasonal prices for gorilla permits only apply to Uganda where a permit costs USD 450 in April, May and November and USD 600 for the rest of the year.

Planning for your transportation to the gorilla trekking; you will need a 4×4 vehicle since the national parks are found in remote areas so the roads are muddy and raged. So you can hire a land cruiser, rav4 or a safari van in case you are many.

Alternatively you can take a public vehicle from Kigali to Musanze town where you will hire a special cab of 4×4 that will lead you to volcanoes national park.

Booking where to stay during gorilla trekking. As you go for a gorilla trek you will need where to sleep after gorilla trekking for example you taking a 3 days safari. There are many hotels and lodges situated in Rwanda since the national parks are near Kigali you can book a hotel in the city. There are hotels like; Hotel Des Mille Collines, Kigali Serena Hotel, Hotel Chez Lando, Grand Legacy Hotel and many more.  One can opt to stay near the national park with many hotels of choice depending on your budget and these include; Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge, Kinigi Guest House and for high end travelers consider Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, Mountain Gorilla Nest (Jack Hanna House) and Volcanoes Virunga Lodge.

Hiring helpers or porters and trekking. Normally you will need porters for carrying your packs and walking sticks since moving around the hilly terrains is hectic. It takes a lot of time to find the gorillas as sometimes it can take like 5 hours to the gorillas.

Finally joining the gorilla trekking to get ready for the excursion around the hilly bushes to the huge primates. You will be guided by the gorilla patron.

Good planning can really make your gorilla tour in Rwanda enjoyable and educative.

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