Having a vacation away from a sophisticated city that is an area with sky scrapers, shopping malls, offices, lots of traffic and market is very awesome. A holiday upcountry is really relaxing and wonderful as you will be relieved from car horns and fumes and people shouting and also rubbing shoulders as you walk along the busy streets heading for work.

For example one can take a Self Drive in Uganda tour in the western part of the country with his or her family Safari van and many more that can maneuver on the raged roads of upcountry. This can be done from a trusted car rental company. As you take a ride to the western part of Uganda for example visiting Queen Elizabeth national park, you will get rewarded with an epic scenery of the landscape covered with ever green vegetation and also have a tremendous air breeze which can be complemented by the music from your Walkman, iPod, phones or any other music appliance. When you make stopovers you will encounter some fine restaurants and bars for some refreshments and foods. You will also meet some hospitable local people who will give more information about the areas in your destination. When you reach your destination (Queen Elizabeth National park) you will be able to make a game drive where you will be able to see animals like elephants, black spotted hyenas, tree climbing lions, monkeys, antelopes, and many more as they move around in the savannah grasses. Not forgetting you will see lots of bird species flying in the skies, onto other huge animals and around the water areas.As you take a rest at night you will be offered very comfortable beddings and also delicious cuisines at the accommodation facilities of your choice because they are many and well suited depending on your budget.

One can also opt to tour Rwanda by taking a gorilla trek in the Virunga region. As you will get to see these wonderful endangered primates. You can be able take pictures, play around and feed them for an hour. This is a once in a lifetime experience as you will meet one of man’s closest living relatives as they share 98% DNA as human beings. They will put a smile on your face as you hang around with them. You can also be able to see lots of bird species and also a good view of the landscape.

You will also get to interact with the local people as you can learn a few things about other cultures like their cultural dances, some words of their languages. On this vacation you can also be able to go round shopping in crafts shops as there can be a variety of commodities at your disposal like craft shoes, bags, bangles and many more things that act as souvenirs for the vacation.

With all the above attractions leaving the city can be enjoyable, interesting and educative. It can also act as a medium of relieving stress and also refreshing your mind and help you get on new things in life. It can also make you discover new interests in life like loving birds and also conserving the environment.


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